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Compared with other power cords, what are the advantages or characteristics of this flexible power cord?

Jun 17,2024 / News, Industry News

Compared with other power cords, this flexible power cord has the following advantages or characteristics:
High flexibility: The design of the flexible power cord fully considers the demand for cable flexibility in modern industry and life. Its internal conductors and insulation materials are carefully laid out and optimized, making the entire power cord extremely soft and bendable. Whether it is wiring in a small space or in occasions where frequent movement or bending is required, this flexible power cord can easily cope with it without breaking or damage due to frequent bending or movement. This high flexibility greatly broadens the application field of flexible power cords, especially in the fields of electronic equipment wiring, robots, mobile devices, etc.
Material quality: The conductor is the core part of the power cord and directly affects the stability and efficiency of current transmission. This flexible power cord uses multi-strand bare copper as the conductor, with a specification range of 18~10AWG, ensuring that the conductor has sufficient cross-sectional area and conductive performance. At the same time, the multi-strand bare copper conductor also has better softness and bendability, further enhancing the overall flexibility of the power cord. In terms of insulation and sheath materials, this flexible power cord uses PVC material, which not only has good electrical and mechanical properties, but also meets ROHS environmental protection standards, ensuring the safety and environmental protection of the power cord.
Flame retardant performance: This flexible power cord has passed flame retardant tests such as UL VW-1, CSA FT2 and JQA -F-Mark, proving that it has good flame retardant properties. In extreme cases such as fire, the power cord can prevent the spread of fire within a certain period of time, buying precious time for personnel evacuation and fire fighting. At the same time, flame retardant properties can also reduce the loss of equipment and property caused by fire, and reduce safety risks.
Uniform insulation thickness: The insulation layer is an important part of the power cord, and its thickness uniformity has an important influence on the electrical and mechanical properties of the power cord. The insulation thickness of this flexible power cord is strictly controlled to ensure its uniformity. This not only helps to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the power cord, but also ensures easy stripping and cutting, and convenient installation and maintenance. In actual applications, users can easily strip the insulation layer for connection or repair, which improves work efficiency and safety.
Wide application: The application field of flexible power cord is very wide, not only for fixed installation, but also for mobile use. Flexible power cords play an important role in mechanical equipment, electronic instruments, automotive industry and other fields. Its excellent flexibility, electrical properties and mechanical properties enable it to meet the requirements of cable flexibility, durability, safety and other aspects in different scenarios. In addition, flexible power cords can also be used in outdoor environments, such as ships, aviation and other fields. Its good weather resistance and anti-aging properties ensure the long-term stable operation of power cords in harsh environments.
Durability: Due to the special design and high-quality material selection of flexible power cords, it has a long service life. Even under long-term use or frequent bending, stretching and other conditions, flexible power cords can maintain good connection and signal transmission performance. This durability makes flexible power cords a reliable electrical connection solution, providing users with long-term and stable electrical transmission guarantees.
Safety: In terms of electrical safety, flexible power cords also perform well. Its insulation and sheath materials are made of environmentally friendly materials such as flame retardant, low smoke and halogen-free, which can reduce the generation of toxic smoke in the event of a fire and reduce the harm of fire to humans and equipment.
In summary, this flexible power cord stands out in the power cord market with its advantages such as high flexibility, high-quality materials, flame retardant properties, uniform insulation thickness, wide application, durability and safety, and has become an indispensable and important part of modern industrial production and life.