Teflon Cable Factory

Perfection is our relentless pursuit, to make every detail of our product refined and perfect is our persistent goal,
Because we believe only delicately carved can make real gold quality.

Established in 1998, Zhejiang Jiahui Wire And Cable Co.,Ltd is a professional China Teflon Cable Manufacturers. To provide customers with best service and guarantee products quality, we are using advanced ERP, MES and SAP for all incoming and outgoing data management. As a professional wholesale Teflon Cable Factory, Our factory devotes to producing Teflon Cable, automotive wire, power cable and high temperature wire etc. We also get certification of UL,CE,VDE,TUV,SAA,CCC,GS etc. and all our products comply with ROHS and REACH environment standard.




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    More than 22 years of industry experience

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    Covers an area of 30,000 square meters

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    More than 200+ employees

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    Our annual production capacity is over 500,000km/year.



Jiaxing Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd was founded, mainly produce CCC approval cable, teflon wire...


 ISO9001 quality system certificate.


Began to produce UL/CE/VDE approval cable, rubber cable and wiring harness, set up the laboratory fo...


Established Zhejiang Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd in Ningbo with registered capital of around 9 ...


Started to use ERP Management System.


Ningbo Jiahui Electric Industrial Co., Ltd was founded and mainly produce power distribution box , w...


 Built new cable factory - Ningbo Wish Wire & Cable Co., Ltd and adopt 7S management system, mai...


Started to use SAP system, Lean Production Workshop and MES barcode system tracing to control the or...


obtained the qualified supplier audit report from authoritative third-party of SGS, TUV, BV and BSCI...


we will work on more invention patents to improve product competitiveness, combine the OA + SAP + AP...


High Performance Production Machine,7S Site Management , Precise Laboratory Equipment

Extension Of Knowledge About Teflon Cable

Teflon Cable Technology: Driving Efficiency and Precision in Modern Industrial Systems
In the dynamic realm of modern industry, the emergence of Teflon cable technology has ushered in a paradigm shift, redefining the parameters of efficiency and precision across various sectors. This exceptional synthetic fluoropolymer, scientifically referred to as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), has swiftly become an indispensable asset, celebrated for its unparalleled attributes, including remarkable chemical resistance, minimal friction coefficient, superior electrical insulation, and an extensive operational temperature range.

The transformative influence of Teflon cable technology on industrial systems is underscored by several crucial dimensions, each contributing to its pivotal role as a cutting-edge force in the pursuit of optimized performance.

Teflon’s extraordinary capacity to endure a vast spectrum of temperatures, spanning from cryogenic conditions to high temperatures surpassing several hundred degrees Celsius, positions it as a remarkable contender. Industries grappling with extreme thermal environments, such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing sectors, have harnessed the power of Teflon cable technology to ensure unwavering operational resilience.

One of Teflon’s most remarkable qualities lies in its unparalleled resistance to an array of chemical agents, including acids, bases, and solvents. Industries entwined with corrosive substances, such as chemical processing facilities and laboratories, have embraced Teflon cables as a shield against arduous chemical interactions, thereby safeguarding operational integrity.

Teflon’s unrivaled prowess in electrical insulation positions it as the material of choice for cables and wires demanding impeccable signal transmission and minimal interference. Industries critically reliant on pristine signal fidelity, such as telecommunications, data centers, and industrial automation, have harnessed Teflon-insulated cables to maintain the sanctity of signal transmission, curtailing signal attenuation.

Teflon’s innate attribute of a low friction coefficient translates into reduced wear and tear for moving components, culminating in extended machinery longevity and heightened efficiency. Environments predicated on precision and enduring performance, such as conveyor systems, robotics, and advanced manufacturing, have reaped substantial rewards from Teflon’s friction-reducing prowess.

Teflon cables masterfully balance flexibility with durability, creating an equilibrium essential for applications necessitating consistent bending and flexing without compromising functionality. Industries at the forefront of movement and vibrations, including robotics, medical equipment, and aerospace engineering, have harnessed Teflon’s resilience to navigate these challenges seamlessly.

Teflon’s intrinsic non-stick attributes extend beyond its core functionality, simplifying cleaning and maintenance, thereby upholding exceptional standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Sectors as diverse as food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment manufacturing have elevated their sanitary standards through the integration of Teflon-based components.

Teflon’s lightweight nature assumes center stage in the overarching drive for weight reduction within industrial systems. Industries such as aerospace and automotive engineering harness Teflon’s weight-saving potential, leading to enhanced fuel efficiency and overall system performance.

Teflon cables readily adapt to customized specifications, accommodating distinct needs encompassing insulation thickness, shielding configurations, and conductor materials. This intrinsic versatility fosters bespoke solutions across a multitude of industrial applications, unveiling a world of possibilities.

Teflon’s steadfast resistance to environmental adversities, encompassing moisture, UV radiation, and challenging weather conditions, cements its stature as a stalwart protector of reliability and longevity. Industrial systems navigating harsh outdoor conditions draw unwavering assurance from Teflon’s unyielding performance.