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Perfection is our relentless pursuit, to make every detail of our product refined and perfect is our persistent goal,
Because we believe only delicately carved can make real gold quality.

Established in 1998, Zhejiang Jiahui Wire And Cable Co.,Ltd is a professional China UL Electronic Wire Manufacturers. To provide customers with best service and guarantee products quality, we are using advanced ERP, MES and SAP for all incoming and outgoing data management. As a professional wholesale UL Electronic Wire Factory, Our factory devotes to producing UL Electronic Wire, automotive wire, power cable and high temperature wire etc. We also get certification of UL,CE,VDE,TUV,SAA,CCC,GS etc. and all our products comply with ROHS and REACH environment standard.




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    More than 22 years of industry experience

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    Covers an area of 30,000 square meters

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    More than 200+ employees

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    Our annual production capacity is over 500,000km/year.



Jiaxing Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd was founded, mainly produce CCC approval cable, teflon wire...


 ISO9001 quality system certificate.


Began to produce UL/CE/VDE approval cable, rubber cable and wiring harness, set up the laboratory fo...


Established Zhejiang Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd in Ningbo with registered capital of around 9 ...


Started to use ERP Management System.


Ningbo Jiahui Electric Industrial Co., Ltd was founded and mainly produce power distribution box , w...


 Built new cable factory - Ningbo Wish Wire & Cable Co., Ltd and adopt 7S management system, mai...


Started to use SAP system, Lean Production Workshop and MES barcode system tracing to control the or...


obtained the qualified supplier audit report from authoritative third-party of SGS, TUV, BV and BSCI...


we will work on more invention patents to improve product competitiveness, combine the OA + SAP + AP...


High Performance Production Machine,7S Site Management , Precise Laboratory Equipment

Extension Of Knowledge About UL Electronic Wire

Wiring Up for Safety: The Role of UL Electronic Wire in Residential and Commercial Settings
In both residential and commercial environments, the safety and efficiency of electrical systems rely heavily on the quality of wiring installations. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a globally respected safety certification organization, plays a vital role in establishing and upholding stringent standards for electronic wire. These standards ensure that electronic wires used in various applications meet the necessary requirements for safety and performance, providing assurance to consumers, professionals, and regulators regarding their suitability for their intended use.

UL-certified electronic wire finds significant application in residential settings, serving diverse functions such as powering lighting, outlets, appliances, and entertainment systems. The use of UL-certified wire is crucial in preventing potential risks like electrical fires, shocks, and short circuits. It accomplishes this through:

Fire Risk Management: Rigorous testing ensures UL-certified wire can handle the heat generated by electrical currents, particularly important in areas like kitchens and laundry rooms where electrical demand is high.

Optimal Insulation and Durability: Carefully chosen insulation materials prevent electrical leakage and short circuits. The wire’s durability minimizes faults due to physical damage.

Compatibility: UL-certified wire design ensures seamless integration with standard electrical components, reducing compatibility issues and associated risks.

Gauge Sizing: The wire’s gauge is precisely chosen to match the intended electrical load, preventing overheating and potential fire hazards from overloaded wires.

In commercial settings, electrical systems often face increased complexity and demand. Here, UL-certified electronic wire maintains safety and reliability by:

Handling High Loads: Commercial applications involve heavy machinery and industrial equipment with higher electrical demands. UL-certified wire is engineered to withstand these demands safely.

Resilience to Environment: UL-certified wire is rigorously tested to withstand harsh conditions like temperature fluctuations, moisture exposure, and chemical contact, reducing the risk of deterioration.

Structured Wiring: Commercial buildings rely on structured cabling systems for data networks, security, and communication. UL-certified wire ensures signal transmission integrity and minimizes interference.

Emergency Systems: Specialized wiring is essential for emergency systems like fire alarms and backup power. UL-certified wire ensures these systems function reliably during crises.

To fully benefit from UL electronic wire, proper installation is crucial. Experienced electricians and contractors must follow installation guidelines from UL and other relevant electrical codes to ensure correct installation and minimize electrical hazards.

In conclusion, UL-certified electronic wire is pivotal for electrical safety and reliability in both residential and commercial settings. Its adherence to strict criteria regarding fire resistance, insulation, compatibility, and load capacity mitigates electrical hazards. When selecting and installing electrical systems, prioritizing UL-certified wire and following installation best practices ensures the safety of occupants and the durability of electrical infrastructure.