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What fields or application scenarios are this multi-core armored cable (CMX, CMR, CMP) mainly used for?

Jul 01,2024 / News, Industry News

This multi-core armored cable (CMX, CMR, CMP) is widely used in multiple fields and specific application scenarios due to its different fire ratings and characteristics.
CMX cable has a lower fire rating and is suitable for short-distance wiring in home and small office environments. CMX cable is often used to connect various components in home theater systems, such as TVs, audio, DVD players, etc., to ensure high-quality audio and video signal transmission. Due to its flexibility and ease of use, it is also suitable for short-distance wiring in home living rooms or bedrooms. It is usually used for single or dual cable installations exposed to the air, such as direct connection of devices such as computers and routers. Due to its lower flame retardant performance, CMX cable is not suitable for commercial or industrial environments that require high fire ratings, but it is sufficient to meet the safety needs of general homes and small offices.
CMR cable is specially designed for installation in vertical corridors or vertical passages, such as shafts and elevator shafts in buildings. In terms of vertical wiring between floors, CMR cables not only ensure the continuity and reliability of data transmission, but also effectively prevent the spread of fire in vertical passages through their fire resistance, thereby protecting the structural safety of the entire building. In key facilities such as data centers and server rooms, CMR cables are also often used for vertical wiring to ensure high speed and stability of data transmission. At the same time, their fire resistance also provides additional security for these high-value assets. CMR cables are widely used in commercial and industrial buildings that require vertical wiring between floors to ensure the reliability and security of data transmission.
CMP cables have the highest fire resistance rating and are specifically designed for installation in air-circulating spaces, such as ventilation ducts or air handling equipment between the ceiling and floor of a building. It can slow down the spread of fire in the event of a fire, and reduce the generation of smoke and toxic gases, protecting personnel safety and reducing property losses. CMP cables are often used in buildings that require high safety standards, such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, subways, tunnels, and data centers. These places have strict requirements for fire safety, so CMP cables become the first choice.
CMX cables are suitable for short-distance wiring in homes and small offices to meet basic safety needs. CMR cables are suitable for vertical channel wiring in commercial and industrial buildings to prevent the spread of flames in the vertical direction. CMP cables are specially used in air circulation spaces and buildings with high safety standards, providing excellent fire protection and safety. When selecting cables, reasonable selection should be made based on specific application scenarios and safety requirements to ensure the security of the network and comply with relevant regulations and standards.