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Perfection is our relentless pursuit, to make every detail of our product refined and perfect is our persistent goal,
Because we believe only delicately carved can make real gold quality.

Established in 1998, Zhejiang Jiahui Wire And Cable Co.,Ltd is a professional China Power Cord Manufacturers. To provide customers with best service and guarantee products quality, we are using advanced ERP, MES and SAP for all incoming and outgoing data management. As a professional wholesale Power Cord Factory, Our factory devotes to producing Power Cord, automotive wire, power cable and high temperature wire etc. We also get certification of UL,CE,VDE,TUV,SAA,CCC,GS etc. and all our products comply with ROHS and REACH environment standard.




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    More than 22 years of industry experience

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    Covers an area of 30,000 square meters

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    More than 200+ employees

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    Our annual production capacity is over 500,000km/year.



Jiaxing Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd was founded, mainly produce CCC approval cable, teflon wire...


 ISO9001 quality system certificate.


Began to produce UL/CE/VDE approval cable, rubber cable and wiring harness, set up the laboratory fo...


Established Zhejiang Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd in Ningbo with registered capital of around 9 ...


Started to use ERP Management System.


Ningbo Jiahui Electric Industrial Co., Ltd was founded and mainly produce power distribution box , w...


 Built new cable factory - Ningbo Wish Wire & Cable Co., Ltd and adopt 7S management system, mai...


Started to use SAP system, Lean Production Workshop and MES barcode system tracing to control the or...


obtained the qualified supplier audit report from authoritative third-party of SGS, TUV, BV and BSCI...


we will work on more invention patents to improve product competitiveness, combine the OA + SAP + AP...


High Performance Production Machine,7S Site Management , Precise Laboratory Equipment

Extension Of Knowledge About Power Cord

The Role of Power Cords in the Smart Home Revolution: A Closer Look
In the dynamic landscape of the Smart Home Revolution, the significance of power cords extends far beyond their conventional role as mere conductors of electricity. These unassuming cords have evolved into pivotal components, integral to the seamless integration and operation of an extensive array of smart devices and appliances that define modern connected living. This closer examination of the multifaceted role of power cords reveals their profound impact and relevance in shaping the smart homes of today and the future.

At the heart of the Smart Home Revolution lies the concept of an interconnected environment, where smart devices collaborate to enhance our daily lives. Power cords are the lifelines that power this connectivity, delivering a consistent and reliable supply of electricity to power a diverse range of smart devices. These devices span from familiar items like smart thermostats and speakers to innovative solutions such as smart lighting and entertainment systems. By providing the necessary energy, power cords enable these devices to remain functional and connected, ensuring seamless communication and cooperation.

Yet, the role of power cords does not stop at energy delivery. They have evolved to encompass advanced functionalities, serving as conduits for data exchange and communication. Beyond their electrical capabilities, power cords now incorporate elements such as Ethernet connections, USB-C compatibility, and proprietary communication protocols. These enhancements enable power cords to extend their influence into the realm of data transmission. For instance, Ethernet-over-Power (EoP) adapters leverage existing electrical wiring to expand home networks, facilitating efficient data communication.

Moreover, power cords play a dual role in the realm of battery management and charging. In an era teeming with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables, these cords become more than mere power providers. They become guardians of effective battery management, allowing devices to be constantly replenished and ready for use. By ensuring uninterrupted smart functionalities, power cords contribute to the seamless operation of the smart home ecosystem.

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) underscores the need for effective device integration. Power cords assume a central role in this integration process, acting as the bridge that powers and connects IoT devices. Through wireless communication technologies like Zigbee and Z-Wave, power cords facilitate the convergence of diverse smart devices into a cohesive network. This interconnected web of devices forms the backbone of the smart home, where automation and interaction enhance convenience and efficiency.

In the pursuit of energy efficiency and safety, power cords transcend their utilitarian function. Adhering to stringent safety standards, these cords mitigate potential hazards while enabling energy-efficient operation. Some advanced power cords even feature energy monitoring capabilities, empowering homeowners to optimize their energy consumption patterns. This intersection of safety and efficiency encapsulates the evolving role of power cords in the context of the Smart Home Revolution.

Adaptability is another hallmark of modern power cords. As the spectrum of smart devices diversifies, power cords have evolved to cater to various power requirements and connection types. With interchangeable connectors and multiple output options, these cords effortlessly accommodate a wide range of devices, showcasing their versatility and compatibility.

Beyond their foundational role, power cords are key enablers of automation and remote control. Innovations like smart plugs empower users to remotely manage devices via smartphone applications or voice commands. This remote mastery adds a layer of intelligence to homes, enhancing user experience and convenience.