CE/VDE Cable Factory

Perfection is our relentless pursuit, to make every detail of our product refined and perfect is our persistent goal,
Because we believe only delicately carved can make real gold quality.

Established in 1998, Zhejiang Jiahui Wire And Cable Co.,Ltd is a professional China CE/VDE Cable Manufacturers. To provide customers with best service and guarantee products quality, we are using advanced ERP, MES and SAP for all incoming and outgoing data management. As a professional wholesale CE/VDE Cable Factory, Our factory devotes to producing CE/VDE Cable, automotive wire, power cable and high temperature wire etc. We also get certification of UL,CE,VDE,TUV,SAA,CCC,GS etc. and all our products comply with ROHS and REACH environment standard.




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    More than 22 years of industry experience

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    Covers an area of 30,000 square meters

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    More than 200+ employees

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    Our annual production capacity is over 500,000km/year.



Jiaxing Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd was founded, mainly produce CCC approval cable, teflon wire...


 ISO9001 quality system certificate.


Began to produce UL/CE/VDE approval cable, rubber cable and wiring harness, set up the laboratory fo...


Established Zhejiang Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd in Ningbo with registered capital of around 9 ...


Started to use ERP Management System.


Ningbo Jiahui Electric Industrial Co., Ltd was founded and mainly produce power distribution box , w...


 Built new cable factory - Ningbo Wish Wire & Cable Co., Ltd and adopt 7S management system, mai...


Started to use SAP system, Lean Production Workshop and MES barcode system tracing to control the or...


obtained the qualified supplier audit report from authoritative third-party of SGS, TUV, BV and BSCI...


we will work on more invention patents to improve product competitiveness, combine the OA + SAP + AP...


High Performance Production Machine,7S Site Management , Precise Laboratory Equipment

Extension Of Knowledge About CE/VDE Cable

Powering Renewable Energy: The Role of CE/VDE Cables in Sustainable Power Generation
In the global pursuit of sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions, the spotlight has firmly turned to renewable sources like solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal power. These alternatives offer the promise of reduced carbon emissions and a cleaner energy future. Amidst this transition, a critical yet often underestimated element plays a pivotal role – cables. In particular, the certifications known as CE (Conformité Européenne) and VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik) have emerged as crucial benchmarks in ensuring the reliability, safety, and optimal functioning of cables within the realm of sustainable power generation.

The seamless and secure transmission of electrical power is a non-negotiable requirement for any energy system. In the context of renewable energy, this becomes all the more vital. CE and VDE certifications serve as stringent gatekeepers, verifying that cables adhere to rigorous safety standards. These certifications help mitigate potential risks such as electrical malfunctions and fires, adding an extra layer of protection to the entire energy infrastructure. In essence, these certified cables become the guardians of energy, ensuring its safe journey from source to end-user.

Modern renewable energy systems are intricate tapestries woven from a diverse array of interconnected components. Solar panels capture sunlight, wind turbines convert gusts into energy, inverters transform DC to AC power, and energy storage systems manage supply-demand dynamics. The symphony of these components is critical for efficient energy generation and distribution. CE and VDE-certified cables emerge as the enablers of harmony, facilitating seamless communication and compatibility between these diverse elements. In a landscape where interoperability is the key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy, these certifications provide a universal language that allows different components to work in concert.

The world’s natural elements can be harsh and unforgiving, especially to infrastructure exposed to the elements. Renewable energy systems often operate in challenging environments, from scorching deserts to frigid polar regions. In this regard, CE and VDE-certified cables serve as resilient sentinels, purpose-built to withstand the rigors of nature. These cables are meticulously engineered to endure temperature fluctuations, relentless moisture, UV radiation, and other environmental stressors. By weathering these challenges, these certified cables ensure consistent performance and unwavering resilience, vital attributes for the sustained success of renewable energy installations.

The effectiveness of renewable energy systems is contingent on the efficient conversion and transmission of power. CE and VDE certifications validate cables’ capabilities, ensuring attributes such as high conductivity, minimal signal degradation, and low power loss. Through comprehensive testing and adherence to standardized benchmarks, these certifications verify that cables can maintain energy transfer efficiency. As the demand for renewable energy intensifies, these certified cables become the conduits that facilitate minimal wastage and maximal utilization of generated power.

In the realm of renewable energy, navigating a complex sea of regulations and standards is a challenging endeavor. Governments and regulatory bodies impose stringent guidelines to ensure the safety and reliability of power infrastructure. CE and VDE certifications act as beacons, attesting that cables meet these regulatory benchmarks. Possessing these certifications expedites the approval process for renewable energy projects, streamlining their integration into the broader energy grid.