SAA/PSE Cable Factory

Perfection is our relentless pursuit, to make every detail of our product refined and perfect is our persistent goal,
Because we believe only delicately carved can make real gold quality.

Established in 1998, Zhejiang Jiahui Wire And Cable Co.,Ltd is a professional China SAA/PSE Cable Manufacturers. To provide customers with best service and guarantee products quality, we are using advanced ERP, MES and SAP for all incoming and outgoing data management. As a professional wholesale SAA/PSE Cable Factory, Our factory devotes to producing SAA/PSE Cable, automotive wire, power cable and high temperature wire etc. We also get certification of UL,CE,VDE,TUV,SAA,CCC,GS etc. and all our products comply with ROHS and REACH environment standard.




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    More than 22 years of industry experience

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    Covers an area of 30,000 square meters

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    More than 200+ employees

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    Our annual production capacity is over 500,000km/year.



Jiaxing Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd was founded, mainly produce CCC approval cable, teflon wire...


 ISO9001 quality system certificate.


Began to produce UL/CE/VDE approval cable, rubber cable and wiring harness, set up the laboratory fo...


Established Zhejiang Jiahui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd in Ningbo with registered capital of around 9 ...


Started to use ERP Management System.


Ningbo Jiahui Electric Industrial Co., Ltd was founded and mainly produce power distribution box , w...


 Built new cable factory - Ningbo Wish Wire & Cable Co., Ltd and adopt 7S management system, mai...


Started to use SAP system, Lean Production Workshop and MES barcode system tracing to control the or...


obtained the qualified supplier audit report from authoritative third-party of SGS, TUV, BV and BSCI...


we will work on more invention patents to improve product competitiveness, combine the OA + SAP + AP...


High Performance Production Machine,7S Site Management , Precise Laboratory Equipment

Extension Of Knowledge About SAA/PSE Cable

Supercharging Internet Speeds: The Promised Benefits of the SAA/PSE Cable
In the dynamic realm of global telecommunications, a groundbreaking development has captured attention and stirred excitement: the emergence of the SAA/PSE Cable. This remarkable undersea fiber-optic cable system holds the potential to revolutionize international internet connectivity. As we delve into the depths of its promised advantages, it becomes clear that the SAA/PSE Cable could usher in a new era of unparalleled internet speeds and bolster worldwide communication networks.

The SAA/PSE Cable, short for Sub-Atlantic-Africa/Pacific-South America Cable, marks a significant milestone in the domain of undersea cables. By traversing vast stretches of ocean, this cable aims to bridge continents and bring the world closer together. While specific project details may have emerged since my last update in September 2021, the core concept of undersea cables serving as conduits for enhanced internet speeds remains steadfast.

Central to the allure of the SAA/PSE Cable is its potential to drastically enhance internet speeds. In a world where rapid data transmission is crucial for diverse applications – from business operations to entertainment and education – the promise of accelerated internet speeds holds immense appeal.

Through its increased capacity and advanced technology, the SAA/PSE Cable has the potential to reduce latency and facilitate faster download and upload speeds. This transformative enhancement could reshape the way we engage with digital content, opening doors to seamless real-time communication, uninterrupted streaming, and seamless utilization of cloud-based services.

However, the impact of the SAA/PSE Cable extends far beyond individual user experiences. It has the potential to create ripples across global communication networks, enabling smoother international collaborations. This interconnectedness can spark innovation, drive knowledge exchange, and fuel economic progress as barriers to cross-border communication are dismantled.

Notably, regions that have historically faced challenges in internet connectivity, such as parts of Africa and South America, stand to gain significantly from the SAA/PSE Cable. By delivering faster and more reliable internet access, the cable could act as a catalyst for societal and economic advancement. This, in turn, could unlock new avenues for education, e-commerce, and digital inclusion in underserved areas.

Beyond its potential to supercharge internet speeds, the SAA/PSE Cable may contribute to enhanced network resilience and redundancy. The integration of multiple undersea cable routes could bolster global internet infrastructure, rendering it more resilient against disruptions caused by natural disasters, equipment failures, or deliberate interference. This heightened dependability ensures that even in adverse circumstances, internet connectivity remains unwavering.

In a world continually shaped by digital progress, innovations like the SAA/PSE Cable underscore the relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of global connectivity. While specifics about the cable’s developments might have emerged beyond September 2021, the core principles of elevated internet speeds, fortified global communication networks, and heightened resilience remain pivotal. If indeed the SAA/PSE Cable has come to fruition, its realization could herald an era defined by accelerated internet speeds and interconnectivity, reshaping our digital landscape and the way we navigate it.