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How to identify the quality of silicone wire

Dec 16,2021 / News, Industry News

Silicone wire to identify quality
1. Conductor
(1) The surface should be round and clean, and the coating should be continuous and uniform
(2) The surface of the conductor should not have defects such as triangles, burrs, cracks, kinks, folds, inclusions, scars, pits, mechanical wear, corrosion spots, etc.
(3) The color is uniform, bright, and there should be no traces of excessive oxidation.
(4) The size of the conductor cross-section is sufficient, and there is no loss of squareness.

2. Insulation and sheath
(1) The surface is smooth and round, with uniform gloss, and there should be no visible bumps, bubbles, burnt, etc.
(2) The insulation (sheath) has a uniform thickness and is not eccentric.
(3) No mechanical damage and flattening
(4) There should be no adhesion between the materials of each layer.

3. Other
(1) The metal shielding layer should be continuous, overlapping, tightly wrapped, without sharp corners, curling, leakage, etc.
(2) The pitch of the cable is uniform.
(3) The filling is full and the cable is round.
(4) The wrapping should be overlapped, and there should be no curling, omission, etc.
(5) The shape of the cable should be round and free from flattening or serpentine bending.
(6) There should be no traces of moisture inside the cable.