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PVC continues to rise, spot trading is better

Aug 04,2016 / News, Company News

The PVC market sentiment was good. Futures stood at 6,800 points and continued to break upward. Spot trading was good. The supply of enterprises was tight. Ex-factory prices and market prices were adjusted upwards. Type 5 ordinary calcium carbide material, the mainstream price in East China is 6800-6850 yuan/ton; South China is 6830-6900 yuan/ton; Shandong mainstream 6700-6800 yuan/ton, Hebei market mainstream 6650-6800 yuan/ton Delivered.

The PVC market atmosphere in Qilu Chemical City is acceptable. Participants have a better attitude, and prices continue to rise slightly.

The market price of PVC in Hangzhou has risen accordingly. Traders’ quotations have risen by 50-80 yuan/ton. Tianye’s products are small and prices are on the high side. The downstream inquiries and purchasing atmosphere are temporarily general.

The PVC market atmosphere in Hebei is fair, the supply of surrounding factories is tight, and the ex-factory price continues to rise. The market is rising, and the price is rising.

The PVC market sentiment in Guangzhou is fair, and futures continue to fluctuate and rise to support, spot trading is better, and prices continue to rise.

The price center of the PVC market in Changzhou continues to move upward, and the downstream just needs replenishment, and the transaction atmosphere is general.

The Shanghai PVC market continues to rise, the downstream just needs to purchase, and the high price transaction is not good.